End of Lease Pest Control Melbourne

Massey Pest Control – A renowned name for the end of lease pest control services in Melbourne and its surrounding. Why? Let’s get to know!

End of lease pest control is nowadays a requirement for every lease or rental agreement. This usually happens where there are pests on the property like dogs, cats etc. It is mainly done to ensure the pest free environment for the next lease. Most of the rental agreements require to be conducted before or after the lease of property to make sure that the property is pest free.

You should make sure that you read the Lease Agreement properly before entering into it. The Agreement should cover the Full Pest Control Treatment such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, snakes, rodents, silverfish, termites, fleas etc.

Common Pests Treatment for End of Lease Pest Control Services in Melbourne

The common pests which can grow in a house are rodents, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes and fleas etc. Our professionals are trained in pest treatment methods like pesticides spray, fumigation and heat treatment which is helpful in exterminating all types of pests. We take the inspection of the site and give the required treatments.

The Methods are Specific for Different Types of Pests. 

Bed Bug Control Service Melbourne
Bed Bug Control Service Melbourne
  • Rodents Control:

    Rats, Mice and Moles are among the rodents. The infestation of these pests leads to the destruction of valuable items as well as contamination of the food materials. Our pest control service will help in eliminating the rodents from the rented house.
  • Cockroach Control:

    The cockroaches are not destructive but they will contaminate whatever they touch especially the food material. It is not easy to remove them but our professionals can do it efficiently for you.
  • Bed Bugs Pest Control:

    Bed bugs grow into the mattress and bed corner if it will not be cleaned for a long time. The reasons like sweat, humidity and absence of sunlight exposure increases the chances of their growth. We have the best methods to eradicate the bed bugs.


Offers We Make At The End Of Lease Pest Control Melbourne

The things that we offer at the Massey Pest Control services are as follows:

  1. We offer our services at affordable prices so that the person with the low budgets can also afford it.
  2. We provide the same day emergency services also.
  3. There is 24/7 availability of online customer care services on call.
  4. For the convenience of services we are open in evenings and weekends too.
  5. Each and every treatment is followed by a feedback summary.
  6. We also provide you with the guarantee of 6 months that if any problem arises our team will provide free of cost services during this period.

We Use The Following Pest Treatment Methods for End of Lease Pest Control:

  • Pesticides Spray:

    The house is inspected properly to find out the types of pest. A solution of the pesticides are prepared accordingly and sprayed in the infested areas. It is used for all types of pest and it kills effectively. You need to get the professionals for this service to have an effective treatment and extermination of the pests. 
  • Fumigation Method:

    The fume is formed by a chemical reaction in the fumigation machine and spread in the infested region. It is very effective for eradicating flying pests as well as Fleas. The fumes can easily reach all the corner and show its effects. 
  • Heat Treatment:

    The heat of high intensity is produced mechanically which forces the pests to get out of their hide-outs. We have the latest techniques which help to produce high-intensity heat easily. Call us for professional help.

Prevent Pest In the Rental Property With End Of Lease Pest Control Service

It is clearly described in the rent agreement. You can read the terms and condition to get it clear. Generally, if you get a pest treated house then it is your responsibility to return in the same condition. There are some categories of pests like termites for which tenants are not responsible. So while leaving the rented house take the required steps to avoid any cases of conflicts over pests. For pest control service call us.

Responsibility In Financial Terms

Pest control treatment is not cheap, so it’s always a problem that who will be financially responsible for the pest control. Basically, its the responsibility of the landlord and the owner should conduct the pest control services as it is the responsibility of the owner to include the pest control service in the Lease Agreement. 

A responsible owner or landlord may not be waiting for the tenant to conduct the pest control services for the seasonal pests as it will not bring satisfaction. In case, if the owner wants that the tenants may conduct the pest control services then owner should pay them on behalf of the tenant. This is only possible when you take the pictures of the environment before and after the pest control treatment.

Pest Control Service Melbourne
Pest Control Service Melbourne

Why Trust Us For End Of Lease Pest Control & Flea Treatment Services?

When it comes to the pest control services, Massey Pest Control provides the best services in the city. We are professional pest exterminators who knows the best techniques to exterminate pests with chemical free and environment friendly solutions. There are many options of pest control companies and now its totally up to you that what you have to opt for the most effective results.

What makes us different from others is that we offer offer quality services at affordable prices and we provide our services in Melbourne and also cover the nearby suburbs. For what you are waiting now? Just give a call on 0488 851 646 to book your appointments.

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Massey Pest Control services gives value to the significance of clean and pest free environment. We offer a wide range of pest control treatment services in residential as well as commercial properties as per your needs. Our technician team is the most capable and knowledgeable in terms of their specific work. They are fully trained and highly skilled and can tackle all the types of situations. We have an experience in pest control of more than 15 years and serving our services in many areas. We have always believed in giving good quality services so that we can provide customer satisfaction and continue to do so.

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