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Termites are insects that are also known to be the ancestors of cockroaches. They usually live on dead plant materials in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil and even animal dung. The harm that the termites can cause overnight is threatening. They can infest your furniture and incur huge losses every year. Since termites are cryptic, they do not come out in the open usually, making it a very difficult task to detect them. Massey Pest Control is a leading Termite Control Company. With our experienced termite technicians, we aim to achieve complete termite control and removal. Our expert pest control treatment team uses are eco-friendly and environment-friendly for the safety of your family health. Our termite removal method gives you complete termination from unwanted termite. 

Are white ants and termites the same?

Termites are eusocial insects that live together, forming large communities. They help in decomposing dead vegetation and are a type of destructive insects. Usually, the other names for termites include woodworms, wood ants, and white ants. Therefore, there is no difference between termites and white ants.White ants’ is just another name given for termites due to their morphology and behaviour. Termites are ant-like insects with a light colour body. Thus, there is no significant difference between termites and white ants. 

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Signs of Termite presence

Termites are often mistaken as fly ants due to their similar appearance and look. Termites usually have two- body segments, straight antennae and 2 sets of wings equal in length. Whereas, the flying ants have 3 segment body, bent antenna, and 2 sets of wings which are usually equal in length. Therefore, it is important to recognise and detect termite infestation to avoid future losses of products. Following are the indications of termite pest infestation: 

  • A temporary group of winged insects in your house or around your house.
  • Bubble-like structure or crack on wood items (These are called termite dropping)
  • Wood that sounds hollow, when it is tapped.
  • Presence of mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams, or in crawl spaces.

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    Areas that can be affected by Termites

    The 5 of the most common areas that can be affected by termite are:

    Crawl spaces:

    Basements and attics are the easiest areas to be attacked by termites but do not forget about the crawl spaces. Any area that is prone to moisture is attractive to termites.


    Termites live underground so they can easily get to areas that are not easily accessible to us. If you notice buckling of your floors as if they have water damage, you may have termites in your subflooring.

    Wooden Fencing:

    If you have a wood fence bordering your property, it is most likely to be home to termites. However, termites on your property can soon make their way inside your home.

    Basement Window Frames:

    Termites are usually found at ground level, so wooden basement window frames are ideal places for them to infest.

    Playhouses, swing sets, picnic tables:

    If these are made of wood, all these can in return be home to termites. All these areas should be included in your inspection list.

    Preparation before expert’s arrival

    It is usually recommended that property owners prepare for service by moving all furniture, appliances, or stored materials away from all interior walls by at least three feet in areas mentioned by the technician as treatment required areas, regardless of the termite species. In case, if the closets are to be treated, clothing and other contents should be removed or covered to protect them from dust caused by drilling into wall and ceiling surfaces during the termination process. 

    Termite Control Service

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    At Massey Pest Control, we know that homes or businesses are not the same. We make sure you are protected all year round, and in a way that minimises disturbance to your family or your customers. Contact us about our free personalised termite treatment plans. We will determine the areas of the property of concern, the frequency of treatments, and the treatment methods used for all types of residential and commercial areas. This is particularly valuable if you are sensitive to pest control sprays and need a non-standard solution, or are frequently dealing with pest infestations, or run a business that cannot afford to be overrun with creepy crawlies.

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